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This morning I completed research and testing on a lot of tools. Besides Mailchimp and Zendesk, I’m also liking SurveyGizmo and Uservoice quite a bit! It’s really great to see how much BASECAMP has changed the way the SonicAngel team is working. Really amazing.

I’m also pretty impressed with mailchimp. I cannot imagine 1 reason why you should not use that tool as a startup or any organisation. It cannot be the price (which is something between 0 for up to 2000 emails, and 75 US Dollars per month for 10.000 opt-in email addresses). The DIY design, the tools to optimize layoout, content and tests plus the incredibly transparant reporting. Love it.

Now I’m off having lunch with my dude. Probably a salad or sushi. And after that we’re going to play football in the Brussels Warande park. ‘Heel hoog shotten, papa’ will be my main task of the afternoon.

After that we’re gonna watch Milan Sanremo, and this evening I’m checking out 2 electro bands in Brussels. Common Boon & Gilbert!!

Cool and lovely day with my dude. I love my little man. Like every parent unconditionally loves his kid.
Like Guillaume loved and will always love his little Mattias. Here are the beautiful words of Jean Bosco Safari…


Jean Bosco Safari

Today we have Monica starting to work for SonicAngel from LA. Monica is really great, and while working on the communication of music companies, but also bands like Tool or Queens of the Stone Age (one of my favourite bands), she created amazing buzz. But buzz without substance is useless, so we waited until the platform is up and running. In the first day, we already got 30 bands requesting to join, and 15 or so uploaded on our US talent platform. Kinda cool :) But the road is long and our ambitions high. If our ideas work out, we can help to discover and release so many great artists…

This morning I listened again to some of the demo’s from mastercab, also a SonicAngel band. They have this unique sound, and I think the new songs are rough diamants!! They are currently in stubru’s De Afrekening and on The Hotlist. And we just got confirmation that they will be playing Dranouter aan Zee on May1st. Couldn’t describe it better than the Dranouter organisation “mastercab: is een Brusselse band en één van de opkomende talenten in de muziekwereld. Hun eerste album zal een mengeling zijn van elektro, gitaren en beats.” Discover more on their site:

Today we’re also checking out video producers. We have a lot of upcoming singles, but the production cost of the video’s we have been making has to come down. The financials in the music bizz have completely changed, and having a video just doesn’t guarantee a hit or even airplay anymore, even if online video is becoming the N#1 discovery tool. So our motto will be: get frugal on the videos. Frugal means: the best quality on the lowest price. We always decided together with our artists on every investment, but I already noticed that they pre-agree :) Please shoot recommendations for producers. And thanks for your help in the zendesk experiences. A lot!

I’ve been reading through a potential subsidy for the European Commission. But it’s really complicated and time consuming. But today will be the day that I crack the code of getting in, need to finish the business plan by thursday.

Voila, full day ahead. On top of that, I forgot these holidays. So no school for my little Charlie. He’s now at my parents house, and it’s a WHOLE lotta fun. Movies with boempa, soep (he loves soup), spelen met Lien en Lieze (the kids of my sister), fietsen, steppen and walking around w Moeke :) Nothing beats a day full of Limburg fresh air :)

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