This morning I attended a funeral. The father of one of my colleagues at SonicAngel passed away. At the coffee table, an unexpected talk. Weird how dead sometimes reunites people. Strange week.

I brougt my little charlie to the studio’s today. Now jumping in the couches. Love to have him around me all the time.

This afternoon we’ll be going through the CD release of Barefoot & the Shoes. We’ll finalise the business plans and projection for 2011 and 2012 related to the label and booking divisions. Very tough to estimate, but we need to project in order to see how much we can roll out our company on a global scale. Before summer, Belgium, France, Germany, USA and probably Netherlands should be up and running. Quite some work to do.

Just saw some video’s related to Tom’s (Dice) performance in Vorst last Sunday. Quite impressive actually. A snapshot filmed with my phone here below.

Let’s go.


Tom Dice: Me & My Guitar (Vorst, filmed with Bart’s phone)