This morning I completed research and testing on a lot of tools. Besides Mailchimp and Zendesk, I’m also liking SurveyGizmo and Uservoice quite a bit! It’s really great to see how much BASECAMP has changed the way the SonicAngel team is working. Really amazing.

I’m also pretty impressed with mailchimp. I cannot imagine 1 reason why you should not use that tool as a startup or any organisation. It cannot be the price (which is something between 0 for up to 2000 emails, and 75 US Dollars per month for 10.000 opt-in email addresses). The DIY design, the tools to optimize layoout, content and tests plus the incredibly transparant reporting. Love it.

Now I’m off having lunch with my dude. Probably a salad or sushi. And after that we’re going to play football in the Brussels Warande park. ‘Heel hoog shotten, papa’ will be my main task of the afternoon.

After that we’re gonna watch Milan Sanremo, and this evening I’m checking out 2 electro bands in Brussels. Common Boon & Gilbert!!

Cool and lovely day with my dude. I love my little man. Like every parent unconditionally loves his kid.
Like Guillaume loved and will always love his little Mattias. Here are the beautiful words of Jean Bosco Safari…


Jean Bosco Safari