After the Fortune Brainstormtech, I went to attend the AlwaysOn Summit at Stanford university. The most interesting part was a near full day of ’10 minute start-up presentations’. Seen amazing ideas and companies related to GPS technology, social media feeds, mobile apps, vertical and semantic search, ecommerce and so on…

The next evening I got to the annual TechCrunch August capital meetup on Sand Hill road at Menlo Park, and I spoke with more vc’s on that evening than I spoke in my entire life. I am writing and article/report for some folks with the following subject: ‘Can Silicon Valley become Europe’s ally?’. Talked to so many people, including Europeans from Slovenia (amazing group of people!), Sweden, France, Germany, and even from Spain! – and they were all … moving to Silicon Valley. That seems to be the recurring theme of this week: Europe goes (to) Silicon Valley.

We stayed in a hotel in Palo Alto, and during an afternoon I was wandering alone around the city, went for a lunch, and ended up sitting with a team from facebook (they had offices just around the corner). Discussed ‘industry’ too, mainly about Facebook Connect. The ease of getting to discuss ideas and projects is just incomparable to anywhere else in the world. I guess that’s part of the eco-system. There’s also things that are better in Europe, believe me, but the ease of getting into it, of getting connected and of sharing ideas is just very different.

Next up is a drive along the HighWay1 (coastal road) to Los Angeles. Yahoo!