Today was ‘vrouwendag’, as we say in Dutch. It should be International Women’s Day every day I sometimes think…

Also at SonicAngel, we have recently welcomed a lot of women in our team. And it undeniably changes the dynamic of a team. My experiences with it are incredibly positive. At some time at Skynet, we were 4 out of the total of 8 that were women. Karin Dehaeseleer, who was my trusted right hand / assistant for 8 years. Valerie Janssens, at that moment in charge of communication, now leading digital media communication at RMB/RTBf (I’m a board member there, btw). Carine Leroy, leading HR and steering us at that time through heavy expansion with the launch of BelgacomTV, and now at Sofina. And finally Patricia VandeWiele, doing an amazing job in charge of legal en regulatory affairs, still at Belgacom. And the entire team at Skynet was a fierce mix of passion and professionalism, or of PRIDE as we called it back then (Passion – Reliability – Imagination – D – Enjoyment)

From adding digital media activities to the ISP Skynet, to launching BelgacomTV, to building a digital media sales house, growing games-, kids or sportsportals, we kindof were at the forefront. Even if the Skynet team remains one of the stronger internet teams in Belgium, I don’t feel that the same edge in leading innovation is still there, and that they missed the ‘social’ aspect of media a little. Probably some divergent opinions there :) I’m quite sure that if they would be given some freedom, there is still so much talent that that it would create the same drive and innovation again. And the important part in getting it done at the time, was the balanced mix of ambition and achievement, of strategy and implementation, of passion and structure. And let me assure you: the mix of men and women was crucial in that dynamic and balance!

So also at SonicAngel we completed our organisational structure today, and I was reminded again how many women are playing a crucial role in our team. I even thought in the afternoon of releasing a communication about that, because women are actually taking over at SonicAngel. But finally I didn’t. The main reason is that the International Women’s Day is ‘celebrated’ every year, but the real work starts the day after.

And so we’ll communicate it that day after !

G’night, bart