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RadicalG is the fastest funded artist ever. In only 3 days, he collected his budget on and got all the fans to support him. Next, we invited him to be the opener at the SonicAngel tour with Lords of Acid in de US. That’s how quick it can go. One day he was thinking, the other day he has a record deal and making a tour that makes most Belgian bands just dream! Who else can say they toured in 22 cities, with crowds of 1000 tot 2500 people, from Los Angeles, to Seattle, Chicago, Detroit, Florida, Texas and back to California…

Connect with him here on facebook.:

Today, we’re showing you the preview of his video:

RadicalG: ‘Lucifer’

* Went to see ‘Runkskop‘ for the 2nd time this evening. Femke hadn’t seen it yet. M Schoenaerts as lead actor, directed by debutant M Roskam… Fuck man, what a movie… Impressive smack in your stomach and mind. Bravo to all, certainly to my good friend Peter Bouckaerts who co-produced the movie. The only negative point, and I cannot understand this remains in, is the semi-comic persiflages of the wallonian characters which are played dumb, ridiculous and tv-sketchy. Even with the intermezzo of 2 clownesk garagists, this movie is amongst the better flemish movies ever made. And Matthias Shoenaerts just showed he is the leading actor of his generation, lifting the movie at every appearance…

* After the movie, started working on our release plan and actions for the US. We’re now launching the SonicAngel audition booth to open up for american bands. We have already signed our first 2 bands, and now need to release fast and furious. Just had a coordination call with my partner Maurice (yes, I’m aware it’s 3 am :) . Amazing reactions in the US. Maurice is experiencing it on the road, and here are 2 cool articles:

Enroll here to audition for the SonicAngel USA (and Canada) roll-out.


Hi all, quite some activity today at SonicAngel office! Here are a couple of the activities happening right now.

1. Performances:
- tonight, our new french speaking (and singing) artist Linaya will give her first accoustic performance. Her voice and melodies are incredible – so discover her at our online streaming concert related to the (pre-)start of SonicAngel TV. You can tune in tonight (sunday evening 28 Nov) at 7.30 pm at
- about an hour later, Tom Dice will start his 2nd German tour. After a successful tour in September, we kick off tour2 in Zentrum Altenberg in Oberhausen – more details are here:

2. new releases:
- tomorrow you will find the Limited Edition album ‘Teardrops’ by Tom Dice at the shops. This includes the full album + 3 new tracks, including the new single ‘A Thousand Years(click here to download), which will be ‘officially’ released next tuesday.
- on wednesday is the official release of the new Mathieu & Guillaume singleVrede (Of Ik Schiet!)‘ – download already here.

3. New artist funding evolution:
After only a couple of weeks, Alice Avery (remember that name, I’m a huge fan!) is already above 30% ! Bab, our amazing singer-songwriter, just topped 25%, and our blues-rockers from Barefoot & the shoes are nearly at 20%! Thanks for the investments and confidence, it looks like there we will sell out on FanShares quickly!
You can see them all 9 new SonicAngel artists at

4. Other:
- Maurice Engelen & myself are honored to be one of the speakers at the 29th International marketing simposium, probably the most prestigious conference in Belgium. We will speak on Friday evening Dec 3 around 17h, and the conference line-up is amazing, around the topic ‘Return on Relevance’. More at
- thanks again to everyone for your support related to our announce of the 26 EUR payout per 10 EUR FanShare. The articles in Het Nieuwsblad & De Standaard and the broadcast on De Laatste Show (click to wactch) create a lot of noise, and it just motivates our entire team more than ever to keep on working hard to make a difference! Thanks a lot!!

Below you can find the full version of the concert that Thom Yorke (Radiohead) and Flea (RHCP) gave on Oct 5, 2009 at the Orpheum in downtown LA. It was an incredible evening, one that I won’t forget easily!

Also, we’re looking to hire some people at SonicAngel. This week we start interviews for:
– a label manager with a focus on discovering, developing and releasing talent
- a senior PHP developer to further develop our platforms (we’re fully LAMP and cloud oriented)
- a product engineer to imagine platform design, artist concepts and partner relations (such as topspin, soundcloud, mxp4)
- a designer and producer for audio/video and social media

If you’re a techie who loves music, or a music passionata fascinated by tech – that’s already step 1. Because we want to combine the best in music and the most efficient in tech to empower talent, you need both. The team is now mainly in Herselt and Los Angeles, but the Belgian part might move to Limburg (or Leuven) at some time. You’d be in for an amazing ride.

Shoot me a message if you’re interested (bart at sonicangel dot com).

And enjoy the concert below (Radiohead and Thom Yorke are kindof favourites of the entire team – just so you know)