About 2 months ago, I was honoured to be asked to become next Chairman of the Board of directors of the IBBT. I accepted, because I believe there is a unique momentum, and that I can contribute to it’s ambition. More about that later.

Yesterday we had the 3rd boardmeeting of the IBBT already this year. It’s a fairly large team around the board table, but the competencies assembled are quite impressive. ‘The Board of Directors of IBBT consists of 16 representatives from both the private and public sector and ensures all research programs meet current social and economic needs’You can find the entire board composition here.

Since many congratulated me for becoming the chairman of IWT, BIPT and other, it’s probably useful to share the mission of the IBBT here:)
I quote from the site:

The mission of IBBT is the creation of highly competent human capital in different aspects of ICT through multi-disciplinary demand-driven research. BBT carries out this multi-disciplinary research for the Flemish business community and the Flemish government. This includes all technological, legal and social dimensions of the development and exploitation of broadband services. The Flemish government invests in multi-disciplinary broadband research, in order to make Flanders a leading and internationally recognized player, in the information society of the future.

IBBT is a driving factor in basic research and demand (industry) driven research, and is becoming an important player for entrepreneurs who are starting companies or who are scaling/accelerating their ventures. Additionally, the innovation and research in collaboration with large enterprises such as Alcatel Lucent, Telenet, Siemens or Belgacom and many others is important and creating a lot of industry initiatives.

We are at a crucial moment, that will define the competitive situation in ict for a lot of years. Much is being discussed about the competitive situation of Belgium and its regions, and I strongly believe there is a unique momentum. A unique momentum to foster the growing entrepreneurial ambitions for starters and growers in ICT and Media, a unique momentum to leverage success cases like Interactive television to other domains, A unique momentum to create industry value from academic research.

I’ll share what’s shareable in the coming weeks, and maybe hope to involve you in the debate. And yes, that makes my California-Brussels habitat switches no easier, but it creates in interesting perspective indeed.