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Here a great slideshow from our friends at InSites. It gives quite some data about the awareness, usage and expectations of social networks.

Some interesting observations:
- 93% intend to stay ‘in’ their current social network, 60% does not need a new social network, implying that the big ones will continue to gain marketshare
- 600mio people use social networks on a daily basis
- brands and companies have a huge area of opportunities (awareness, conversations, conversions) and members are open for it if done correctly
- Location Based Services and Augmented reality are additional possibilities to the increasing mobile usage, but still have a low awareness

Slidedeck below, contact @steven_insites or @joeri_insites for more info.

Social networking is getting quite some attention, and rightfully so. Even if there are discussion about the potential in different domains, many will agree that social networks have become amongst the leading media to reach the 14-24 generation. Internet and mobile are the leading media for youngsters, and social networks are taking a central part in both of them. Netlog has been getting a lot of attention of the last weeks. Toon & Lorenz, the 2 founders of Netlog, have done quite an amazing job envisioning a service many years ago that has remained pretty consistent over the last years… Some interesting reading and viewing: – Terzake (the Belgian ‘news’) made a video of a couple of minutes, see it on my netlog profile - WallStreetJournal already wrote an article some months ago – but also Realtid in Sweden, L’Echos in France, Vacature in Belgium but also in Germany or other countries arecovering us You can find some more on our corporate pages. Yes, this is a bit of advertising, but it is such an amazing story ☺ And Yes, we are hiring talent in technology, sales and marketing! Send me a mail, or give me a call – there is an amazing journey if you dare.