About 18 months after our launch, we’re now scaling in a couple of directions:

1. internationally, with currently a main focus on Germany & Switzerland, France & the US. Our homepage is customized depending on the country you surf from, so just go sonicangel.com . If you’re a band, best to start at our auditions platform: sonicangel.com/auditions

2. genres, with currently a main focus on:

3. domains, with currently a main focus on film & tv: FilmAngel.TV


–> Below some supplementary info, such as:
- a link to some international articles explaining our actions
- a photo with Oliver Stone at the same day we announced our FilmAngel.TV project
- the press release and the jury of our classic music initiative for young talent

Let’s go!


- – - – - -


. SonicAngel detects talent based on facebook & twitter: http://www.whathifi.com/news/music-label-uses-facebook-and-twitter-to-find-and-fund-new-artists

. SonicAngel = kickstarter + label: http://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2011/09/sonicangel-creates-hybrid-crowdfunded-label.html
. SonicAngel artist Iris to represent Belgium at Eurovision: http://escdaily.com/articles/26125







Flanders Festival and SonicAngel join forces on a project to support young, classical talent using a new model continue reading…