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Interesting read- even if probably once part of the story … After reading it, is may be seem hard to believe that over here in the US, Skype is being proclaimed as the only ‘real’ Europe based success story … But if you consider Skype alone deals with approx. 8 (eight!) percent of the global cross-border calls, that’s an incredible achievement. A great idea, with great entrepreneurs and investors that turned into a amazing outcome, is becoming an entrepreneurial intrigue.


Whatever, a Wavre based ‘search’ company from Belgium, just released the beta of their MicroPlaza. This is a tool that combines the power of search, twitter and organizing your news. Review of Techcrunch here. Pretty cool. Also, the founder (Olivier Verbeke) and chairman (Philippe Lemmens, once my boss when he was CEO of Skynet) are a strong couple, although there are some catches and hurdles to overcome. But who hasn’t. Thumbs up.
Plus: I have 20 invites if you want to start using it – click here!

Also potentially a nice move: Netlog and Joost partner up to deliver Joost video via Netlog user base. Joost has been failing to get a lot of usage, and I’m not completely convinced of the demographic fit, but Netlog clearly might get some numbers for Joost. Both have the same investors (Index Ventures), so at least some intra-VC value gets created.
Except the initial (wrong) bet on the P2P technology (but who could know streaming video would become THAT good in only a year), I think another hurdle is the partnership proposal of Joost to broadcasters. They usually propose revenue share, but no TV company will never except that. Never. (disclaimer: I was President International at Netlog + Senior VP of Europe’s 2nd largets broadcaster some time ago)