This night, the partyharders woke me up at least 5 times between 2 and 6 am. Even though we sleep in the center of Brussels, our bedrooms are in a small alley, and it’s always calm. Except this night, when some were so drunk and high from the brussels cityparade (I checked them out), that their only intention was to wake up the people in the neighbourhood. Anyway, there’s worst things in life. But I woke up hating Brussels. I’m already in this hate-love relation with our Belgian capital, and this didn’t make it better. Finally, was able to get some sleep from 7 am till noon.

Then my little boy wanted to go out and play. Every Saturday and Sunday, femke, Charlie and I try to eat together. During the week it’s quite tough, but in the week-end we keep it at least 1 our of 2, if not both. As we’re in between houses (we’re moving), femke wanted to keep on sorting. I took 4 suitcases and all the rest can be deleted. I have my photos online, all my music is digital, I already moved my vinyls, and all the rest is yours to have. But ofcourse it isn’t that simple…

So my little dude and I went for a viet lunch together. He loves wan tan soup and ‘riz sauté au poulet’, which we shared with a bottle of water.  Pretty good.

Then, I wanted to take him for the first time ever to the movies, and the Smurfs looked pretty ok. So I took him to UGC Brouckere. Unfortunately, there is only a French version. No Dutch verson. Not even an English subtitled version.  That is unfortunately also the reality of Brussels. So we decided to take the metro (dude loves metros and trains) and went to the Kinepolis. Movie was OK’ish, even if the acting was even too childish for a 3 year old. And Gargamel is a little to scary, so each time he appeared, Charlie appeared on my lap. But he loved it. So daddy loved it too. In the metro back, he ofcourse fell asleep.

Since then, I felt like working a little. Spent quite a while with a dear friend in San Francisco talking about shared leadership. Figured out how to cross-employ some tools (Zendesk, Mailchimp and SurveyGizmo). Finished the strategic planning for SonicAngel. Read through some crowdfunding studies. Checked out resumés of people that applied. Finished the financial projections for one of our new projects (we’re launching a graphics, artwork, social and video media company this week – combined in 1), and some other. I love to work in calm cafés, while drinking something. I’m now on my 4th Fresh Mint Tea. Am somewhat trying to live healthy, and just lost my fifth kilo since begin July. At least 5 more to go if I want to reach a special goal I’m training for …

While checking out something on IMDB (I’m working also on an amazing movie project),  I accidently arrived at the Soloist. I’m a big fan of Jamie Foxx and of Robert Downey Jr, and this movie I missed for some reason, even if I noticed the billboard all across Los Angeles some time ago. I found a (legal!) way to stream it this evening, and sooo looking forward to end the day with this. Streaming movies is just amazing.  See here the imdb profile: My midnight movie of the day.

I’m going to start writing again. Helps me to sort my mind. And by sharing, I’ve received so much back!

To my friends in the US: I hope Irene keeps away now. Enough tragedies already …