True story.

A couple of days ago, Femke and I were walking in this Bristol Farms, a kind of combination of a supermarket and a deli (with incredible good take-away food) in Beverly Hills on Robinsons. In the shop, we heard ‘Californication’, a great song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

And then I overheard this ‘Fawlty towers’ conversation.
Femke: (after singing outloud “Dream of of Californication): “Can I have 1 Ceasar salad to take away please’
Bristol Farms person: “Certainly miss. You like red hot chili peppers?’
Femke: “No”
BF Person: “Why are you singing the song then?”
Femke: “huh?”
BF Person: “You are singing a red hot chili peppers song…” (looks dazzled)
Femke: “oh … thought you meant if I like red hot chilli peppers on my salad” …

I guess it’s the right time for a quick visit back to Belgium for a couple of weeks to celebrate a friends wedding (looking forward to it Lode), a couple of board meetings, some brainstorms and the best festival in the world (even if this years’s line up isn’t much special) … Pukkelpop!

Hope to see you there!