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Tag: barefoot and the shoes

This morning I attended a funeral. The father of one of my colleagues at SonicAngel passed away. At the coffee table, an unexpected talk. Weird how dead sometimes reunites people. Strange week.

I brougt my little charlie to the studio’s today. Now jumping in the couches. Love to have him around me all the time.

This afternoon we’ll be going through the CD release of Barefoot & the Shoes. We’ll finalise the business plans and projection for 2011 and 2012 related to the label and booking divisions. Very tough to estimate, but we need to project in order to see how much we can roll out our company on a global scale. Before summer, Belgium, France, Germany, USA and probably Netherlands should be up and running. Quite some work to do.

Just saw some video’s related to Tom’s (Dice) performance in Vorst last Sunday. Quite impressive actually. A snapshot filmed with my phone here below.

Let’s go.


Tom Dice: Me & My Guitar (Vorst, filmed with Bart’s phone)

Weird ceremony today in Schoten. Beautiful. Sad. Weird. Cold. Warm. Better together.

Back at the office, where we had a final meeting with Nid & Sancy. I love their sound, I love their attitude, and even more: I love their future! They exist since 10 years, and have a lot happening for them. And Yes, we signed an agreement. They are as of today part of the Lektroland label. Lektroland is our elektronic music sublabel based on SonicAngel principle, allowing fans to be part of the experience and invest in the band. Lektroland is our answer to: ‘What about existing bands’ and “What about the elektronic subgenre ?’ More at

Tonight Barefoot & the Shoes are giving a gig in Café Café in Hasselt. I’m in for it. Need a drink. You got to watch them play around 20h30. They are really something.


Nid and Sancy: My agitator

Barefoot & the Shoes + Roland and Steven Debruyn

It’s Sunday March6. So much things happening at our company. Just to give you a snapshot:

1. Lords of Acid and SonicAngel opener RadicalG are touring the USA. On Sunday, we’re playing Seattle. Reviews are really strong, and you can see a video right here
2. Tom dice played for the first time in Vorst, opening for Taylor Swift. Great singer, entourage, manager… Sold 19 million albums and 33 million singles. 10.000 is gold in Belgium nowadays … Tom and band are becoming quite a strong band! You should discover them, they’ll surprise you. Happy that I could arrange this gig for Tom, both in Brussels and in Rotterdam tomorrow. Reactions were … wow.
3. On top of that, a full concert of Tom Dice was broadcasted on VT4 after the finale of lost.
4. Barefoot and the shoes played an amazing gig in Leuven. These guys will be the revelation of 2011-2012. Incredible artists, music from the heart, working like hell to get there. We’ll be playing quite some shows across belgium, try to catch them to be amazed how a 16 and 18 year old and their band can capture an audience. Love them.
5. we kicked off our audition booth in Belgium searching for new talent on (already 5 candidates)
6. we also kicked off our audition booth in USA searching for more talent: (already 10 candidates)

and to finish it off: late at night VIENNA got fully funded !!! THIS IS OUR 11th fully funded artist in 2011 in Belgium !!! continue reading…