Tonight, we’re probably going to watch Sucker Punch. Zach Stryder made 300 before, remember the ‘Spartans, tonight we dine in hell’, ‘Give them hell but take everything‘, ‘We’re in for one wild night‘ and ‘What’s your profession?‘ and more quotes, which some found silly and others really great. I added the videos below.

Zach Stryder is also the director of Sucker Punch, and the trailer is based upon the song ‘Crablouse’ by Lords of Acid. Also added in this post. And also on our upcoming Lektroland.

I’m a big fan of comic book based movies, curious about Sucker Punch, even if I expect a lot of clichés like in ’300′.


Sucker Punch: Trailer (with Crablouse by Lords of Acid)