It’s each time quite a stress, because ‘winning’ the opening for a major act is such a great moment for our young bands to show how good they really are, to gain experience and ofcourse to enjoy a full house in a great venue. MNM just announced that Newton will be opening for INXS at DeVooruit in Gent on December 12th.

This is the 5th time in a relatively short time that one of our band is selected to do a major opening.
1. Tom Dice for Taylor Swift @ Vorst (Brussels) & Ahoy (Rotterdam)
2. Barefoot & the Shoes for El Fish @ AB (Brussels)
3. Vienna for Avril Lavigne @ Forrest (Brussels)
4. Jerusalem Syndrome for While Lies @ Lotto Arena (Antwerp)
5. Newton for INXS @ Vooruit (Gent)

We’re incredibly grateful for our bands, and I think that our approach has something to do with it.
1. our selection method to detect talent works pretty good. We developed an internal social media driven platform to analyse fan experience based on twitter, facebook, youtube and some voting principles. And we combine it with traditional A&R, with a clear focus on talent, attitude, hunger to go for it.
2. the principle of SonicAngel is to involve fans as of the beginning, and try to involve them in every step along the way. It allows bands to create followers and fans before they actually start, and a fan feels so much more involved. And I think they’ll vote and support their band much more because they are so involved
3. our current selection of artists and bands is just amazing.

Ofcourse there is always a bit of luck needed.

I said recently at the World Creativity Awards that one of my ambitions in life is to contribute to a culture where you can dare, dream, fail but also win. Same counts for our bands, and hopefully soon our young filmmakers!

On a side-note: I’ve been to every concert mentioned here above, so I’m feeling like a “lucky mascot” – so I’ll be in gent as well!

Bravo to Newton, and thanks a lot to the fans, the teams around them and everyone who helps.