Moving out and into a new home is cruel.
But we now finally moved out completely from the old, and moved into our new one. It’s kinda the dream home of my wife, and we were very fortunate to buy it at a reasonable price about 2 years ago.

It has been quite a change of stuff lately.
- moved into a new apartment
- found a new school for my little dude
- moving into another home in the US

Often, you see people changing it all – personally and professionally.
Not me though.
I’m keeping my wife forever (I hope!), and I’m into SonicAngel more than ever.
I don’t think I ever had so many job interesting job offers as in the past 2 months. For the ones i really love, I sometimes end up in their board or as an advisor. That is: if I like the business, the company, the team – and I think that I can actually add something and that it actually matters. And if they’ll have me, ofcourse.

Truth is: I actually love to be part of the advising team. I gives me a great scope, and it especially gives me a great feeling and sense of ‘payback’ when I’m able to help an entrepreneur grow his venture or an innovator design and implement his plans.
I’ll give you some examples in later posts.

All my other time is divided between SonicAngel and my family. More than ever.
It has been for the past 2 years, and it will be for the coming years – if health, business and global situation allows.

Over the last 2 and a half year, I’ve been completely into building my own startup. Even if I already had built 2 during my school period, I had to get back into it. There’s a huge difference between being an intrapreneur in a larger group, and an entrepreneur starting his own dream. I’m not saying one is better than the other. Just that it’s really different.

And when I’m having a bad day, I do notice myself listening to Steve’s speech or reading Michael’s post.
Since Steve Jobs has passed away this week, and Michael Arrington is starting over, so it feel appropriate to share both of them right here! They are both very different, and even if Steve’s talk goes much deeper and about life in general, Mike’s post helps in the entrepreneurial pride during a tough day.

Michael Arrinton’s: ‘Are you a pirate?’

Steve Job’s: ‘Stanford speech’

Enjoy. Dream.