Yesterday I was one of the speakers at the Foundation Marketing conference for students. Speaking for students is usually pretty tough, because they let you know immediately what they think of it. Before me Richard Dalke on Digital marketing and right after me was Roel from Google. Both did a great job, learned quite a couple of interesting trends.

My talk was about the changes in consumer behaviour, the impact (and difficulties) to use social media in a economical context, the rollercoaster world of the music industry and ofcourse how we use these concepts within SonicAngel. Central in the framework is Mike Masnick’s CwF x RtB, which abbreviates Connect with Fans and give them Reasons to Buy. Connect With Fans is building the relation with your fans, be it via social media, music or live concerts. But never forget to give the fans a Reason To Buy, or in other words: find what gives them value for money. You can read more about it here.

I concluded my speech by inviting one of our bands on stage. This time I invited Deven from Jerusalem Syndrome. I called him only the evening before, so for sure it was authentic! The crowd loved it, and to be honest: I totally loved what I saw. Not only the performance, but also the attitude in adapting to play for 1500 people and wanting to be there. The band is growing step by step, one song at a time – and you’ll hear from them soon.

So since yesterday, Jerusalem Syndrome JUMPED in funding level from 28 to nearly 60% – and that is pretty cool. And yes, because of this conference there is a promotion on buying FanShares, but you’ll have to check that out over here: (the promotion ends Wed 6 April at 18h !)

Check our Jerusalem Syndrome’s profile.

And below 2 examples of their work. Enjoy.


Deven (Jerusalem Syndrome) – Closer (KingsOfLeon cover)

Juliet by Jerusalem Syndrome