I’m going through my speech for tomorrow’s student marketing conference. It’s the first time they’ll organise the FR and NL part together, so there will be around 2000 students attending at the Heysel in Brussels. I guess that’s one of the largest conferences in Belgium.

The conference theme is ROI in general, and I’ll be talking about ROI and crowdsourcing, and building fan relations in general to build a new music model. I’m also gonna take an artist with me on stage.

My previous 3 speeches were all in the US. But now I’ll be doing a ‘trio’ in Belgium again:

  1. Student marketing conference: April 5 @ Heysel, Brussels – see program here
  2. Mix Your Base: April 7 @ DeKreun, Kortrijk – more info at: http://www.mixyourbase.be/programma.html
  3. Statengeneraal van de Media: May 2 @ The Egg, Brussels – more info at: Vlaamse Overheid – Staten Generaal van de Media

The next 3 will be in the US again, so I’m kinda looking forward to these ones.

It takes quite some time to give a speech. Drafting the message, building the slides and audio/video, usually a full day of conference, and usually at least 1 day to follow up on all the connections. But it’s totally worth it, and I never say No to student conferences or talks. If it’s 2000 persons like tomorrow, or 15 like a couple of months ago, I love to share experiences and ideas with the young generations. And even if you can inspire only 1, it’s already totally worth it. But the feedback, dialogue and ideas that one gets are an immense reward, and well worth every minute.