Since I kept on working until 5am on Saturday morning, I slept until around noon. Femke and my little boy went out with her sister and kids, and I prepared my bike a little. Wanna start riding again as of next wednesday. Need some time to prepare.

Lords of Acid have a new lead singer, named DJ MEA. I think she’s AMAZING. Great voice, attitude and stage presence. Below you’re find a video of the gig in San Francisco.

It’s hard work and very tough to get SonicAngel launch in the US. The press has been writing amazing articles, but we’re a small team – and everyone in the team needs to go for it 100%. Unfortunately, not all went as smoothly as expected. Judging global competitiveness is tough when you’re 25 or so. As often said: if you want to keep up with the best, you’ll have to give it all you have. If you want to win, you need to do more than that. If we want to succeed in the US, we’ll need to add a little, or it will be very tough. We have this amazing chance of becoming a global leader in ‘the’ next generation music ecosystem. I’ve been fortunate to have been involved in some cool stuff: building Skynet from a couple of thousands to a million, launching and growing belgacomtv, expanding SBS europe and eventually selling it to become the largest media deal ever (+3 billion euro), assisted a bit in scaling netlog (and I still believe it could have gone a lot bigger – but Netlog got ‘overloved’ by the belgian press, and stopped expanding a bit). But here I truly believe we could change the entire industry, directly and indirectly. But it’s a whole lot of work. That said, if it works in Flanders, it’ll work everywhere.
I’m kindof shocked by some emails and discussions y’day and today, where flemish radio program managers got accused that they only give airplay to ‘friends’, people that book them or their bands and other insults. Not part of that gang.

Enjoy MEA and The Lords.