This morning, Natalie (one of our 2 label managers) and one of our artists went to London for a 3day session of songwriting. At the same time, I’m going through some of our week-end stats, and I’m liking some of the trends:

  1. Tom Dice entered the TOP50 again in France, and even TOP20 in airplay. Reactions in France are really great. Looking at the French charts, we Belgians should be proud! Stromae, Selah Sue and Tom Dice are all in the top50. 3 very different styles of music, but all of them examples of ‘where amazing talent meets hard work’. And I expect milow in that group soon too. Bravo to all!!
  2. A trend that I LOVE! We’ve started to go international with SonicAngel over the last weeks. We’ve signed up with 8 international artists so far, but capturing the heart of the fans should take some time, although the reactions in the US are kindof overwhelming. Looking at the latest 10 sales on our site yesterday, I noticed the following:
    40% Flanders
    10% Wallonia
    10% France
    10% Netherlands
    20% Switserland
    10% USA
    That’s really great news, and today we’re finalizing 2 more projects to further expand internationally
  3. Over the next 2 months, we have 8 releases lined up, and planning looks amazing. Most of them are in Flanders and Wallonia but our first French, Suisse and US releases are also being lined up. Going through the productions, I cannot help but think: WOW. What amazing talents.

Great feeling to start the week! Time to accelerate our actions and plans.