This week-end I read Clo Willaerts‘ book named ‘The Conversity model (making money w social media)‘. Especially the last part I found very interesting. It’s about the Innovation part of the conversity model. The preliminary stages in the book are Observation, Conversation and Conversion.

Inside SonicAngel, we’re struggling to find the right way to have a transparant project management tool, an internal social network (of a social intranet), and a more efficient way to share information on ongoing projects. It’s a typical sign when you pass 10 employees. Below ’10′, most information passes informally. You kind of know everything of everybody. Sharing happens via talking. It’s fairly simple to organise the flow. Plus the interaction and dialogue happens a lot via talking.

However, we’re in a phase of pretty steep growth. To give you an example: yesterday we had 3 people in Los Angeles, 1 in Paris, 1 in Chicago and the others in Belgium.
In a few months, this will be our operational overview:
- we’ll have operations in 5 countries
- we’ll have over 30 artists or bands that are part of the SonicAngel roster
- we’ll have to manage thousands of new or returning fans that invested in artists
- we have to optimise the 5 ranges of activities
- we’ll have an additional agency focussing on the brand and music opportunities
- we’ll have hundres of concerts and festivals across 8 countries
and so on …

That creates a lot of interdependency.

We initially tried Yammer as a tool. Although the tool is great, it didn’t work a lot for us. Actually, I don’t think we’re ready for it. There was some updating and information sharing, but the tool did not really ‘live’ inside the company. It was used sporadically. It didn’t serve the organisatonal needs. And that is the requirement number 1 that we need in our company right now!

I’m pretty impressed by what Zoho offers. But I tend to lean to basecamp as a default operational management tool. More about that in the coming days.

But what I wanted to say about Clo’s book. It’s has one ‘overview’ part, which talks about the SWOT’s of the different social networks, and how they related to social media. Then she talks about the 4 stages of conversity. I don’t think there is ever 1 book that gives an answer, but this one framed my needs and questions better. Especially related to innovating, on social CRM, on lead generation and on waving the streams of social media inside the company.